Welcome to the Z-Bend Track site. We are delighted you stopped by to see how we build modules for both home use and still assemble them into large layouts for group exhibit. All our modules are based on an operations theme at home yet provide for continuous running at shows.

We subscribe to the concept that model railroads are just more fun at home if they have a purpose - the prototypical pickup and delivery of goods and people from one point on a layout to another point. We strongly encourage sidings and breach tracks to serve such industries and train stations.

When we assemble the same modules together as a group, we take great delight in running long trains our individual home layouts can not. Long trains are a delight to watch, and a real attention grabber at public shows.

Obviously, such modules must be built to some form of a "standard" to allow sections built by different modeler's to be mated with those of another modeler. In the links below, we will try to answer your questions.



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